There are some collectibles that are valuable and fragile. They can be displayed in glass cases or frames, but not used at all. They may be worth a lot of money someday and may bring joy to the owner, but they are not any fun. Collectors cannot take them off the shelf, play with them, handle them, or show them off to visitors or relatives. They add to the decor, are treasured, and can be delightful, but are just for looking at, not touching or admiring. Hummel clown figurines, for example, have to be placed under glass, and kept out of reach of children and pets. They are beautiful and popular, but they just sit there gathering dust.

ertl diecast cars are a different type of collectible. They can be used, played with, and handled without getting ruined. Many collections are handed down from generation to generation and used as play toys by children. They are sturdy, colorful, and do not depreciate if touched. It is possible to chip the paint, or dent the body if dropped, but that takes a lot of abuse to accomplish. Half the fun of having the collection is taking pieces down and enjoying them.

Smaller ones, such as those made in a 1:64 scale, are typically displayed in a case or on a shelf. The size does not allow for intricate detail or moving parts. Larger Diecast cars, like those made on a 1:24 or 1:18 scale, have moving parts. The trunks, hoods and doors open, revealing stunning accuracy of the interior. Some even have engine replicas under the hood, depending on the size and the manufacturer.

Many of the cars, trucks, planes, ships, motorcycles, and police and fire fighter replicas are sold separately. That allows for affordable pricing so people can build upon the collection piece by piece. Some of the most popular models, such as fifties classic cars, are sold both separately, and in sets of three, six, or ten, depending on the scale size. Collectors can select a large 1:18 model of a 1959 Mercury Park Lane Hard Top in gold, if they prefer, or opt for the collection of fifties classic muscle cars. A late 60’s Detroit Muscle Collection is available for those interested in performance and muscle cars.

Purchasing diecast model vehicles is easy online, and the pricing tends to be lower due to volume sales.Those who wish to display their collections can do so in style. Display cases are available and there are great accessories designed to enhance the look of the collection. Classic signage, gas station backdrops complete with an attendant, and miniature figurines can be purchased to go with the models.